воскресенье, 6 февраля 2011 г.

Android Robot Love 3D Live Wallpaper

Yeah! Android robot got a girlfriend and he is in love!

This 3D live wallpaper is dedicated to everyone who is in love. In love with a boyfriend, in love with a girlfriend or in love with Android. It also dedicated to St Valentine's Day.

Couple of Android robots in love is spinning around in the sky among flying clouds and hearts.

It is possible to change:

- flying hearts quantity
- flying hearts speed
- flying hearts color
- flying hearts type
- flying clouds speed
- couple spin speed

If you like this application you can get it on Google play.

FREE version (search "Android Robot Love 3D FREE" on Google play):
Google play link

Paid version (search "Android Robot Love 3D" on Google play):
Google play link